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2016 Census: Families, Households & Marital Status

What is a Census Family?

  • A married or common law couple (same sex included) and their children, if any, of either or both partners. Lone parents living with at least one child and children living with grandparents, with no parents present, are also census families. Children may be by birth, marriage or adoption as long as they live in the same dwelling.

  • In 2016, there were 386,185 Census families in Peel and 1,767,140 Census families in the GTA.

  • In 2016, 5.5% of all Census families in Peel were stepfamilies.

Married couples and single parents

  • In Peel, 54.4% of people aged 15 and over were married (down from 55.4% in 2011), compared to 49.9% in the GTA.

  • People who were never legally married accounted for 32.5% of people aged 15 years and older in Peel and 35.0% in the GTA.

  • People who were separated, divorced or widowed accounted for 13.2% of people aged 15 years and older in Peel and 15.0% in the GTA.

  • Of all 386,185 census families in Peel, 83.0% were couple families and 17.0% were lone-parent families. Of the 1.8 million census families in the GTA, 82.1% were couple families and 17.9% were lone-parent families.


  • In Peel, there were 281,410 Census families with children, up 5.4% from 2011.

  • Of the 281,410 Census families with children in Peel, 76.7% were couple families and 23.3% were lone-parent families. Of the 1.2 million Census families with children in the GTA, 73.7% were couple families and 26.3% were lone-parent families.

  • Peel had an average of 1.8 children per Census family. Between 2011 and 2016, Census families with one child living at home grew 2.1%, families with two children grew 2.4%, while families with three or more children grew 2.9%.


  • In May 2016, there were 1.1 million people living in private households in Peel aged 15+. In the GTA, there were 5.2 million people aged 15+ living in private households.

  • In Peel, 86.9% lived with their married or common-law spouse or children, while 3.9% lived with other relatives, 3.1% lived with non-relatives, and 6.1% lived alone.

CENSUS BULLETIN - Families, Households & Marital Status

  • This bulletin summarizes the Family and Marital Status portion of the 2016 Families, Households, and Marital Status data release for Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
    8.5 X 11inches (PDF 1.5MB, 4 pages)