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In-Depth Reports 2001-2006

This section contains in-depth reports on data from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses for Peel and the GTA.

2006 Census In-Depth Reports

The following reports were presented to Regional Council’s General Committee and contain findings on all Census 2006 Releases. The summary presentation is also provided below and covers data from all reports.

Census Highlight 2006 Report #1

This report covers the first preliminary release on population and dwelling counts.

Census Highlight 2006 Report #2

This report covers the first four census releases (released March – December 2007):

  • Population and dwelling counts
  • Age and sex
  • Marital status, common-law status, families, household formation and dwelling characteristics
  • Language, immigration, citizenship, mobility and migration

Census Highlight 2006 Report #3

This report covers the second four census releases (released January - May 2008):

  • Aboriginal peoples
  • Labour market activity, industry, occupation, education, language spoken at work, place of work and mode of transportation
  • Ethnic origin and visible minorities
  • Income, earnings and shelter costs

Census Highlight 2006 Summary Presentation

This presentation provides a summary of all highlights and includes census maps on key relevant trends in Peel Region.

Additional Analysis of 2006 Census Variables

An analysis of 2006 Population and Dwelling Counts in Peel and the GTA.

2001 Census In-Depth Reports

This section contains in-depth reports about census data. The following reports summarize findings from the 1991, 1996 and 2001 Censuses.

Age and Sex

Explores the changing distribution of Peelís population by age and sex.

Education and Earnings

Examines the differences between male and female average incomes and lists the most popular post-secondary fields of study.

Home Language

Lists the most common non-official home language in Peel.

Households and Dwellings

Focuses on changes in household size, home ownership and household type.


Discusses recent trends in immigration and the most common places of birth of immigrants.


Examines the median income of households and individuals, the widening income gap and the percentage of the population living in poverty.

Labour Force Activity

Reviews the proportion of males and females in the labour force and the most popular occupation categories.

Marital Status and Family Structure

Analyzes the diverse range of census family structures such as married couples (with or without children), common-law couples, lone parent families and more.


Mobility measures whether or not a person has moved since the previous census. This report compares the number of people that have moved with the number of people that have not moved. It also discusses whether the people that moved previously lived in the same municipality, a different municipality within the province, another province, or another country.

Visible Minorities

Investigates the proportion of persons who identify themselves as being non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour and lists Peelís most prevalent visible minority groups.

 Other Resources

Ward Profiles

Information from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses for each ward in Peel.

2006 Census Tables

Statistics from the 2006 Census on a variety of topics.

2001 Census Tables

Statistics from the 2001 Census on a variety of topics.

1996 Census Tables

Statistics from the 1996 Census on a variety of topics.

Reference Maps

Regional orientation maps and maps of areas used for analyzing data.

Additional Data Holdings

A description of the Peel Data Centreís vast data holdings.

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