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Labour Market Bulletin

Provides quarterly labour market updates, and details significant changes in labour market conditions and trends in Peel Region. The data is produced by Statistics Canada, and derived from the Labour Force Survey. This information can be used to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions about careers, education, employment, and business plans.

Quarterly Labour Market Bulletins


Labour Market Changes in Peel


Labour Market Changes in Peel


Labour Market Changes in Peel


Labour Market Changes in Peel

 Annual Labour Market Bulletins

Labour Force

The total labour force comprises of individuals aged 15-64 years who are willing, able and available to work, and are either working (employed) or looking for work (unemployed). All participants (employed and unemployed) offer skills to employers at a price called wages/wage rates. The market in which these activities are carried out is called the labour market. Information on changes in indicators in Peel’s labour is reported quarterly.

Employment Rate

Employment rates are a measure of the extent to which available labour resources are being used. This is calculated as a ratio of employed persons to the working age population. Changes in quarterly average employment refer to the number of persons of working age, who found work during the time period.

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate is the percentage of the total labour force that is unemployed, but willing to work and actively seeking employment.

Sectoral Employment Changes

Specific information is provided for the Goods Producing and Service Industries. This information provides a snapshot of business sectors that experienced employment growth in the stated time period.

Employment by Type and age

This describes the distribution of total employment between full-time and part-time positions. Employment changes are also stratified into the following two major age cohorts: youth 15-24 years and adults 25+ years.

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