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Citizenship & Immigration

  • In 2011 there were 650,530 immigrants in Peel and 2,620,455 immigrants in the GTA.
  • Peel had 100,910 recent immigrants and was home to 24.8% of the GTA’s total immigrant population.
  • Of the 310,410 immigrants from India in Ontario, 151,825 (48.9%) live in Peel.
  • Peel has the second highest percentage (15.5%) of recent immigrants in the GTA.
  • Peel’s proportion of first generation Canadians is the highest in the GTA.



In 2011, immigrants comprised half of Peel’s total population (50.5%). The immigrant population represented 52.9%, 50.6%, and 20.8% of the total population in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon respectively. The majority of Peel’s immigrant population resided in Mississauga (57.6%), while 40.5% of immigrants resided in Brampton and 1.9% resided in Caledon.

The top country of birth for immigrants in Peel was India (23.3%). This majority was also reflected within the recent immigrant population (33.6%). India was identified as the top country of birth for immigrants and recent immigrants in Brampton, with 36.7% and 52.5% respectively, as well as in Mississauga with 14.5% and 20.8% respectively. The majority of Caledon’s immigrant population was born in Italy (21.4%), while the majority of the recent immigrant population was born in the Philippines (15.9%).

At the time of immigration, almost half of Peel’s immigrant population was under the age of 25 (49.7%). Individuals under the age of five comprised 8.6% of the population, while 41.1% were between the ages of 5 and 24. The remaining 50.3% of Peel’s immigrants were aged 25 and over.

Over half of Peel’s residents identify themselves as first generation Canadians (51.7%). The remaining population is composed of second (29.0%) and third or more generation (19.4%) respectively. A similar generational composition exists for Mississauga and Brampton. In Caledon, 47.3% of residents identified themselves as third generation Canadian or more, with second generation at 31.3%, and first generation at 21.5%.

Open Data Table:

Tabular data extracted from the Statistics Canada 2011 National Household Survey release for Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Peel, Ontario, and Canada.

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