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Income, Housing & Shelter Costs

  • In 2011, 78.2% of Peel’s private dwellings were owned, versus rented, with Caledon having the highest rate of ownership at 91.9%, followed by Brampton and Mississauga at 81.7% and 74.9% respectively.
  • Of the 402,940 occupied private dwellings in Peel, approximately 163,500 were built between 1981 and 2000.
  • At 4.2%, Peel has the highest proportion of households in the GTA with three or more household maintainers.
  • Within the GTA, Peel has the second highest proportion (19.0%) of total dwellings under condominium tenure.



In 2011, Peel’s residents aged 15+ reported the second lowest median after tax income ($27,200) in the GTA; however, they retain the greatest percentage of pre-tax income (84.3%). Among the GTA municipalities, Peel also has the second highest prevalence of low-income (13.0%), with those less than 6 years of age making up 10.2% of this group.

With regard to affordable housing, 69.0% of Peel households spend less than 30% of total income on housing, and Peel had the lowest percentage of tenants in subsidized housing in the GTA (13.5%). Despite this, Peel’s median monthly shelter costs for owned dwellings was the highest in the GTA ($1,590), while the same cost for rented dwellings was consistent with GTA municipalities, at $1,050.

Peel’s housing stock is in good physical condition, with 95.9% of occupied private dwellings requiring only regular maintenance or minor repairs. This is consistent with the rest of the GTA.

Open Data Table

Tabular data extracted from the Statistics Canada 2011 National Household Survey release for Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Peel, Ontario, and Canada.

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