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Peel Service Delivery Areas (SDAs)

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SDA Boundaries

Service Delivery Areas (SDAs) are a geography originally created in 2009 and used by service providers in Peel. These boundaries were  updated in 2012 to incorporate the population changes collected through the 2011 Census. This revision now includes 77 SDAs (originally 71) and will provide users with more detail at a geographic level.

Caledon SDAs are still under review. As such, the data provided is based on an aggregation of data by service delivery area which will be amended and re-published once finalized.

SDAs are intended to support service planning and delivery by providing service providers with data that is relevant to the local geographies they serve. SDAs are comprised of census dissemination areas (the smallest standard geography for census data) and have varying population thresholds for each municipality.

SDA Forecast Data

Age forecast data is based on approved Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) 24 figures, which was based on data from the 2001 Census. The population figures for 2011 and 2021 are higher than those in ROPA 24 since these figures now reflect the recently released 2011 Census data as well as recent CMHC housing data and birth and death rates. This means that some growth occurred faster than anticipated in some areas however development and projected growth is scheduled to remain consistent with ROPA 24 targets for 2031. That said, these age forecast figures are estimates and indicators of growth in conformity with the 2031 targets of the Regional Official Plan.

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