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Images from Peel Region


Maps of census data, areas used for analysis, and online profiles

Here you will find a wide variety of maps of census data, land areas used for analysis, dynamic online tools for wards and service delivery areas and more.
If you do not find the maps you are looking for here, try our Additional Data Holdings section or contact us.

These maps are no longer updated and will be removed in 2021. Please use our Peel Region Data Portal for up-to-date data and maps.

  • Standard Regional Maps
    Here you will find general land use and orientation maps, links to maps in Peel's Official Plan and more.
  • Summary Geography Document
    Data is often available for many different areas (or geographies). In this section, you can find out what the most common analysis areas look like.
  • Maps of Analysis Areas
    Find out what census subdivisions, census tracts and dissemination areas in Peel look like.
  • Census Maps
    Maps of Census and National Household Survey (NHS) data by census tract.
  • Ward Profiles
    Interactive ward maps that feature landmarks, roads and census data for every ward in Peel.
  • Service Delivery Area (SDA) Profiles
    Interactive SDA maps that feature landmarks, roads and census data for every SDA in Peel.
  • Settlement History of Peel
    Explore the interactive history of how settlement formed within Peel Region.