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Images from Peel Region


Here you can find out more about what the Peel Data Centre has to offer and explore other data-related Websites.

Estimates or Forecasts? Population FAQs

Understand the differences in population data sources.

Summary Geography Document

Data is often available for many different areas (or geographies). In this section, you can find out what the most common analysis areas look like.

Community Data Program

Learn about the Canadian Council on Social Development – Community Data Program

What is Census?

Learn about the Canada’s Census of Population, who is counted and how it is and can be used.


Learn the meanings of specialized terms used throughout our site.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about data.

Additional Data Holdings

Get additional statistical information not featured on our Website.

Open Data Pilot

Download data about Peel, its municipalities and surrounding areas.


Visit other sites that provide additional data on Peel, its municipalities and surrounding areas.