Active Transportation

High School Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Pilot Program

The High School TDM Pilot Program’s main purpose is to lower the number of vehicles around Peel high schools.

The program also aims to:

  • Provide safer streets for students who walk and bike to school during peak drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Increase the number of physically active students.
  • Improve air quality in Peel.

Designed by students for students

Four pilot schools from across Mississauga and Brampton will be selected for the High School TDM Pilot Program.

Developed by EcoSource, the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) and the Region of Peel Transportation Planning and Education and Outreach sections, this unique program offers Peel Region students the opportunity to:

  • Provide opinions and comments throughout the project planning and development process.
  • Learn about government processes.
  • Have their say in a decision-making process for a youth-targeted program.

The result? A project designed by high school students, for high school students.

More information

To learn more about The High School TDM Pilot Program’s or to get your organization involved, please contact:

Phone: 905-791-7800 ext. 4422

*source: Victoria Transport Policy Institute TDM Encyclopedia

Revised: Wednesday August 29 2012

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