A Transportation Master Plan for the Region of Peel

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What is the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?

The LRTP addresses major transportation challenges that the Region of Peel expects to face over the next several decades, in particular:

  • Increasingly congested roads due to high population growth
  • Sustainable planning and protection of our environment to ensure a liveable future

The Transportation Vision

Because transportation is interconnected with health, quality of life, social equity and the environment, road improvement cannot be the sole answer to our congested roads. Instead, we need to promote transit, carpooling, cycling and walking. In supporting our economy, we also need to ensure that businesses will have access to efficient transportation routes that minimize environmental and community impacts. This means that we need to make our transportation system safe and convenient for everyone to use. Ultimately, we need to make a fundamental shift in mindset from an auto-oriented lifestyle to a more sustainable way of living.


Key Components of the LRTP

  • Transportation Vision, Goals, Objectives, Policies
  • Regional road improvements required by 2021 and 2031
  • Regional strategies, studies and action plans in goods movement, transportation demand management, and other sustainability initiatives
  • Implementation and Performance Measurement Plan

LRPT Report

Download the Full Report [PDF 27MB, 368 pages]
To obtain a higher quality version of the report, please contact the undersigned.

For more information on Peel's Long Range Transportation Plan,
please contact:

Sabbir Saiyed
Manager, Transportation System Planning
Transportation Division, Public Works
Region of Peel
Tel: 905-791-7800 ext. 4352
E-mail: sabbir.saiyed@peelregion.ca

Eric Chan
Principal Planner, Transportation System Planning
Transportation Division, Public Works
Region of Peel
Tel: 905-791-7800 ext. 4417
E-mail: eric.chan@peelregion.ca

Mailing Address:
Region of Peel
10 Peel Centre Dr., Suite B, 4th Floor
Brampton, ON L6T 4B9


Revised: Friday June 01 2012

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