We invite you to bring the worlds of urban and regional planning as well as transportation planning into your classroom, community or educational environment.

Our teaching resources on the subject of planning have been created by teachers for teachers. These include lesson plans and activities that are geared toward students in Grade 3 (Urban and Rural Communities) and Grade 9 (Climate Change).

Why teach planning to children and youth in Peel Region?
  • To inform, inspire and build understanding of planning issues that directly or will directly impact their lives as they live, play and learn in Peel region;
  • To inspire them to become active citizens and grow their understanding of the planning issues that face Peel Region; and
  • To build understanding of what they feel about the space they live in and what they would like to see planned for the future.
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site or questions on how to use the tools provided, please contact TeachingPlanninginPeel in Integrated Planning Division at the Region of Peel.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Revised: Wednesday December 05 2012

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Teaching Planning in Peel