Before an Emergency

Maintain Emergency Contact Information

Your family might not be together when an emergency occurs.

So in addition to a Home Escape Plan, it's also important to create emergency contact lists.

  • Choose an out-of-town emergency contact person for your family.
    Choose a person who lives in another town or city for your family members to contact if you're separated. Make sure everyone has access to this person's name and phone number at all times.

  • In Case of Emergency Contact Info.Make a list of key phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
    Include a list of phone numbers (home, work, and cell) and e-mail addresses for everyone in your family or household. Make sure everyone has a copy of this list and keep a copy in your Personal / Family Emergency Kit.

  • Complete a record of important information.
    Be sure to complete a Personal Record of Important Information that includes your insurance company information and the phone numbers for your gas, water and electricity providers.

    Put the original in your Personal / Family Emergency Kit, then give each family member a copy.

  • Only use the phone for important calls during an emergency.

Revised: Friday February 28 2020

Privacy Service Commitment

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