During an Emergency


monitoring television for updatesShelter-in-Place is the practice of going or remaining indoors during the release of hazardous materials.

In these situations, it might be too dangerous to evacuate.

How will I know if I should shelter-in-place?

Instructions to shelter-in-place will be provided through:

  • Local radio, television, or the Internet
  • Emergency Services (door-to-door or loud speakers)

What should I do if I'm told to shelter-in-place?

  • Take shelter in a house or other building and stay inside to reduce your exposure levels.
  • woman placing wet towel under the doorClose all doors and windows.
  • Turn off fans and close vents.
  • Turn off thermostats so air conditioners and furnaces won't turn on.
  • Don't use the clothes dryer.
  • Put wet towels under the doors to stop smoke and/or fumes from getting in.
  • Turn on and monitor your radio, television or the Internet for local updates, additional instructions and when it's safe to go back outside.
  • Cover window openings with pieces of plastic held by duct tape (if instructed to do so).

Revised: Friday February 28 2020

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