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Bridge replacement and rehabilitation on King Street East, Bolton

Projects 15-4830 & 15-4840

Project Updates

November 16, 2023 – King St bridge construction is complete and King St at Humber Lea Rd is now accessible to traffic. This work has been underway since May 2023 and has wrapped up 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The project is under warranty until November 2025.

Why the bridge on King Street East at Humber Lea Road needs replacement

The King Street Bridge (east of Humber Lea Road) requires structural repairs. Life-cycle cost analysis found that replacing the bridge would have a lower long-term cost than repairing it. Replacement of the bridge addresses its structural deterioration, but also provides an opportunity for wider sidewalks, safety improvements and compliance with updated standards.

Why a full road closure is required

A full closure of the King Street bridge at Humber Lea Road will be required for the following reasons:

The Project Updates have the most recent details on bridge closure timelines and the detour maps outline alternate routes.

Project details

Rebuilding the King Street bridge at Humber Lea Road will include:

The new bridge will have:

Maintenance work will be completed on the other bridge on King Street East (just east of Old King Road) to extend the lifespan of the bridge. This work will require closing one lane of the bridge for a few days, but will not require closing the entire road.

Keeping you informed

Weather and other unpredictable events may change the timing of this construction and the associated traffic impacts. To receive timely project updates, sign up for email notices.

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Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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