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Sanitary sewer and watermain replacements  

Beechwood Avenue and Richey Crescent. Projects 06-2405 & 16-1310 ‘O’

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Contact Information

Region of Peel personnel
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Joanna Pietkiewicz Project Manager 905-791-7800 Ext. 7815
Sasho Pulevski Inspector 905-791-7800 Ext. 3246
D’Orazio Infrastructure Group
D’Orazio Infrastructure Group will do the construction under contract to the
Region of Peel
Jeff Seeley Project Manager 905-829-8777
Baron Storfer Site Superintendent 905-829-8777

Preconstruction survey

The Region’s Contractor will arrange for WHS Inc. to complete preconstruction survey and record the exterior/interior condition of existing buildings and structures, environmental features and road surface conditions. A WHS Inc. representative will knock on your door prior to doing any survey on your property. There is no cost to you for the survey and you are not obligated to have it completed, however we do recommend it. Preconstruction surveys are standard construction practice. We expect that this work will take place over the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. The service will not be performed for all properties, but only for those within the alignment of the sanitary sewer and watermain construction.

Working hours

Traffic and parking control

Driveway access

Irrigation or sprinkler systems

Trimming trees

Water supply interruption

Waste collection


Replacing and taking care of your sod

Repairing your driveway

Repairing the road

Project updates

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