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East Trunk offline storage facility

Southcreek Road and Etobicoke Valley Dog Park. Project 18-2441.

The Region of Peel will be working in your area to install a new sanitary trunk sewer offline storage facility, and properly abandon an existing sanitary trunk sewer, as shown on the attached map.

Sanitary sewers are underground pipes that carry wastewater from your home or business to a wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater is created when water goes down the drain or is flushed down the toilet. To respond to climate change and meet the demands of a growing population, we will be constructing an underground facility that will store wastewater during large rain events. View the Environmental Assessment for more information.

To complete this work, we will need to remove trees, dig very large holes, install large pipes, construct underground concrete structures, stabilize the Etobicoke Creek banks, plant trees, and restore the area as close as possible to its previous state.

This work will take place within the Etobicoke Valley Dog Park. Construction access to the work area will be through Southcreek Road.

Construction schedule

Construction is planned to begin October 2022 and be completed by Spring 2024. All work is under warranty for two years from the completion date.

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Contractor and working hours

The work will be completed by EBC Inc. and supported by IBI Group, both under contract to the Region of Peel. This contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. These hours are consistent with the local municipality’s bylaws. To complete the work on time, there may be times when work will be completed later into the evening or on Saturdays. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but shorter working days would require your neighbourhood to be under construction for a longer period of time. We will attempt to minimize overnight work whenever possible.

Closure of Etobicoke Valley Dog Park and associated trails

To keep pedestrians and their pets safe, the Etobicoke Valley Dog Park and the trails leading to the dog park will be closed until all work is completed in Spring 2024. Trail closure signs will be posted on site. Alternate dog park locations can be found by visiting
Once all work is completed and the dog park is reopened, we will notify residents through an advertisement in the local newspaper and by distributing notices to the surrounding area.

Traffic and parking

We will work to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents.

Noise and vibrations

You may experience noise and vibrations at times during construction from various construction equipment. We will put in place measures to reduce noise when needed.

Safety during construction

Construction zones require extra caution to keep everyone safe – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and construction workers. When driving, walking, or biking through the construction area, please be aware of your surroundings, watch for construction crews and other road users, slow down, account for delays, and consider other routes if possible. To learn more about how to stay safe in construction zones, visit

Project funding

The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) is a cost-shared infrastructure funding program between the Federal and Provincial governments and has committed $8 million of combined funding toward this Region of Peel project.

Keeping you informed

We will let you know if there are any major changes to the plans.

We value your feedback

After we have finished, we will invite you to provide feedback on the construction project. You can sign up to receive this survey electronically at by clicking ‘Sign up for email notices’.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. This work will allow us to continue providing you with high quality wastewater services. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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