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Watermain replacement and improvement

Dancer Court and Remea Court, Gayling Gardens, Martlen, Marigold and Taffey Crescent, and Thom Gardens Project 20-1310 1-3

Advance notice of watermain construction

This notice is a project update following the previously distributed deferral notice.

The Region of Peel has confirmed that we will be completing the watermain replacements on your street starting in spring of 2021 and completing our work by early fall of 2021. We apologize for the delays with this construction work, and again ask that you consider delaying any major landscaping or driveway work until after we have finished the work.

In the meantime, you may notice the following activities in your neighbourhood:

  1. We will mark the location of gas, hydro, cable, etc. on roads, driveways and lawns.
  2. We may drill boreholes to determine ground conditions.
  3. We may survey your street.
  4. We will take pictures to help us make sure we restore the area to its former condition.

Co-ordination with other work

The City of Mississauga will be completing road construction including curb replacement and/or resurfacing along Folkway Drive in 2022. There is no roadwork scheduled on your street following our watermain replacement.

Keeping you informed

For future project updates or notices please visit peelregion.ca/construction and click on current construction projects, Mississauga, and search by your street name.

We will deliver more detailed information to your home closer to the construction date.

If you would like to speak with us about this work, please contact

Mark Ferreira
Project Manager
Water Division
905-791-7800, ext. 5119

Construction project updates can be found at peelregion.ca/construction.
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