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Advance notice watermain replacement and improvement

Curia Crescent, Meadows Boulevard, Kelvedon Mews, Missenden Crescent, Madiera Road and Redstone Road. Project 22-1310 F

Within the next two years, the Region of Peel will anticipates replacing the watermain and sanitary sewers on Curia Crescent, Meadows Boulevard, Kelvedon Mews, Missenden Crescent, Madiera Road, and Redstone Road.

As pipes age and our population grows, we need to replace older watermains and sewers to keep providing high quality water and wastewater services to you.

Important note:

This upcoming construction will take place in the municipal right-of-way – the land owned by your city, located between the street and your water service box (small, round metal valve in either your driveway or lawn). This work may impact the bottom of your driveway and the area around the sidewalk. We therefore recommend delaying any major landscaping or driveway paving until after this construction has been completed.

Before we start construction, you may notice several activities in your neighbourhood:

  1. We will survey your street and use temporary spray paint or flags to mark the location of underground gas, hydro, and cable on roads, driveways, and lawns.
  2. We may drill holes in the road or municipal right-of-way (the land between the street and your water service box) to collect soil samples, determine ground conditions, or confirm utility locations
  3. We will take pictures and record video to help ensure that we restore the area as close as possible to its former condition, after construction takes place.

Keeping you informed

We are currently in the early planning stages, so we can’t give exact dates for when we will do the work.

In addition, as your City’s future planning activities may change, we may alter our plans to replace watermains in your neighbourhood.

We will deliver more detailed information to your home closer to the proposed construction date.

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