Waste collection strike

A strike is affecting waste collection in some areas of Peel. There may be delays to curbside waste collection. Check if you're affected

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Little Etobicoke Creek sanitary trunk sewer – City of Mississauga

Sewer condition assessment & rehabilitation

The Region of Peel will be rehabilitating the trunk sewer and maintenance holes along Haig Boulevard, as well as a portion of the local sewer on Atwater Avenue and the easement connecting Applewood Drive to Haig Boulevard.

Key project stages and estimated dates

Stage 1: Project Investigation – November 2019 to March 2020
Stage 2: Rehabilitation of the sewers – April 2022 to September 2022

Expected impacts on community

Impacted roads

Stage 1 objective

To conduct drilling of boreholes, installation of monitoring wells, taking preconstruction photos and completing a topographic survey throughout the work area in order to assist in designing the new local sewer.

Stage 2 objective

Rehabilitation of the sewers and maintenance holes


The Region encourages you to notify the project manager if you have any comments or concerns.
Virginia Masut-Rown
Project Manager
Wastewater Division
905-791-7800. ext. 4441

Updates will be provided as the project progresses.