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Hanlan Water Project

Feedermain, subtransmission watermain, smaller diameter watermain installation, road improvements and sanitary sewer collection improvements. Lakeshore Road, Dixie Road, Tomken Road, Cawthra Road and Eastgate Parkway.

Project numbers 10-1205 and 10-1121

What we've done

Installed 14.5 kilometres of 2400-mm (2.4 metres or 8 foot) diameter Hanlan Feedermain and 6 kilometres of 1500-mm (1.5 metres or 5 foot) Mississauga City Centre subtransmission watermain as well as smaller diameter watermains.



Contracts 1 and 2
Lakeshore Road at Lakefront Promenade to Dixie Road at Golden Orchard Drive as well as Dixie Road at Golden Orchard Drive to Dixie Road at Eastgate Parkway have been completed.

Contract 3
Eastgate Parkway, Tomken Road, Cawthra Road will be completed in late 2019. Restoration is currently taking place on Tomken Road from Eastgate Parkway to Britannia Road and on Eastgate Parkway from Cawthra Road to Dixie Road.

Who you can call

Dave Abreu, Project Manager
Contract 3