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Environmental Education for Educators

The Region of Peel offers a variety of free and interactive opportunities for schools.

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Water Education

Peel's Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour– Book It
This guided tour of our leading-edge water and wastewater treatment facilities showcases how water and wastewater are treated in Peel. Want more information.

  • Open to Grade 8 and up
  • Offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Water Education Workshop - Book It

These interactive and curriculum-connected workshops help students understand how water and wastewater are treated in Peel and the importance of water conservation. Workshops are open to Kindergarten to Grade 8 students and are offered Monday through Friday. Workshops are inclusive of different learning styles and can be further accommodated based on student needs.

Kindergarten / Grade 1
Through interactive activities and a lively puppet show students learn about where their water comes from and how they can save water at home and at school.

Grade 2 / Grade 3
Students follow Dew Drop on his water and wastewater treatment adventures and learn about water conservation through an interactive puppet show.

Grade 4 / Grade 5
Through dramatic arts and hands-on activities students discover how the Region of Peel treats their water and wastewater, and what can and cannot be put down the different types of sewers.

Grade 6 / Grade 7
Students examine their personal water consumption and discuss how changes in their behaviour can impact the water and wastewater treatment processes.

Grade 8
Through an in-depth look at treatment processes in Peel, students delve deeper into the topic of water quality, the benefits of tap water and their role as stewards in both the natural and human water cycles.

Waste Education

Trash Talk: Waste Education Tour – Book it

* Please note all dates are currently booked for the Trash Talk: Waste Education Tour. To join the waitlist, please fill out the booking form

Explore the importance of waste management practices and waste reduction. In this full-day program, students will be guided through PAMA’s Trash Talk Exhibition featuring hands-on activities and discussions about waste management. Applying their new knowledge, students will create their own mixed media artworks using recycled materials before finishing their day with a tour of the Brampton Community Recycling Centre. This program is offered in partnership withPeel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, and sponsored by the Region’s Waste Management Division.

  • Open to Grade 3 to Grade 8
  • Offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from October 23, 2019 – March 31, 2020.

Waste Education Workshops

Through interactive learning and guided inquiry, Waste Education Workshops help students understand the impact their waste habits have on the environment. A unique curriculum-connected workshop has been developed for each grade. Programs are inclusive of different learning styles and can be further accommodated based on student needs.

  • Open to Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Offered Monday – Friday

Through song and play, students are introduced to the 3R’s and learn how to recycle correctly in the Region of Peel.

Grade 1
Through a story, song, and waste sorting activity, students will learn about the importance of recycling and develop actions that they can do to improve their waste sorting habits.

Grade 2
Students will explore the importance of the 3R’s through a story and a lifecycle activity focussed on the importance of recycling correctly.

Grade 3
Through hands-on activities, students explore waste and the 3R’s with an emphasis on compost, organics recycling, food waste reduction, and the residential green cart collection program.

Grade 4
Through a series of games and discussions, students will explore the product lifecycle of an aluminum can to understand its environmental impacts and will learn about applying the 3R’s at school and home.

Grade 5
By thinking outside the “lunchbox”, students will explore the issues of over-packaged foods, assess the associated impacts on the global environment, and discover new ways to pack a healthier, more sustainable lunch.

Grade 6
Through examining the difference between food scraps and food waste, and participating in a point of view activity, students will explore different perspectives on food waste and the various ways citizens can take action to address related social and environmental issues.

Grade 7
Students will investigate the impact of electronic and hazardous waste on the environment through examining the life cycle of electronics, the resources used to create them, and proper disposal methods.

Grade 8
Through exploring consumerism and product life cycle analysis, students will examine how to make smart consumer choices that value renewable resources and promote sustainability.

High School Workshop A
Students will investigate the topic of food waste by analyzing the life cycle of their lunches from field to fork, and discover the role that consumer choices can have on driving positive environmental change.

High School Workshop B
Students will explore the lifecycles of a Tablet, the human impact that electronic waste production and disposal has on communities and the environment, and how to dispose of electronic waste safely.

High School Workshop C
Students will discover the materials economy by looking at the resources and environmental impacts behind the apparels industry, and will examine the actions necessary by local and global stakeholder to move towards closed loop economic systems.

Interested in engaging your whole school in waste programming? Consider a Whole School Waste Reduction Challenge.

Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges

Looking for support making long term environmental change in your school?

The Region of Peel's Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges offer school communities an opportunity to address waste reduction through hands-on learning and action. This engaging program is designed to inspire change in waste practices and foster critical thinking about waste issues.

Schools may choose from two themes:

  • Recycle Right
  • Wasteless Lunch

Each theme includes a fully facilitated whole school waste audit and fun school challenges to motivate improved waste practices and educational activities that help to reinforce the importance of waste reduction.

Peel Water Story

These new online modules use interactive maps, stories and accompanying handouts to teach about local watersheds, water sources and water quality. Access the modules and accompanying handouts at www.peelregion.ca/waterstory

The Great Gulp 

The Region of Peel sponsors 'The Great Gulp' campaign to help create awareness about the importance of Peel drinking water in our lives. Find out more about The Great Gulp event.

Peel Children's Water Festival  

Discover the importance of water through hands-on interactive learning at the Peel Children's Water Festival; an annual event that brings together expertise, educators and other community partners. Find out more about the Water Festival .


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