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Traffic Signal/Street Lighting

Traffic lights (signals) help keep traffic on Peel's roads moving as freely and smoothly as possible.

Traffic Light Repair

Please report malfunctioning traffic light (or traffic signal) and any other signal timing inquiries to:

Requesting a New Traffic Light

If you feel a traffic light or a pedestrian signal crossing is needed at an intersection in Peel, please email us or call us at 905 791-7800 ext. 7900.

We will do various studies to decide if the new traffic light (signal) is necessary. The criteria we use are: total vehicular and pedestrian volumes, delays to the side street motorists and pedestrians, and accident history at the intersection.

Since traffic light equipment (signals) is costly to install, maintain, and operate, we carefully consider and research all requests.

Advanced Left Turn Arrow

Advanced left turn arrows:

To request the left turn arrow or report signal timing issues, contact:

Please report malfunctioning street lighting to:

Questions and Answers

How do I get more green time to get through the intersection?

Signal timing is based on traffic volumes and balanced to give green time fairly to all directions. Please contact us as per the information listed above.

Why do green lights on minor streets take so long to turn on?

Delaying traffic on less-busy streets maximizes the capacity of the intersection by moving the heavy traffic on main streets.

Every time traffic stops on a main street it causes an increase of fuel consumption, which is badly resulting on pollution. So, we try to keep traffic delays on main streets to a minimum.

How are vehicles detected?

The Region of Peel detects vehicles through an inductive loop embedded to the roadway or through overhead detectors (i.e., microwave or video).

What happens to the traffic lights (signals) when a fire-truck is approaching the intersection?

All traffic lights (signals) under Peel's jurisdiction have a fire pre-emption capability.

Fire-trucks are equipped with a special device that enables the truck to request a green signal for quicker passage through signalized intersections.

Once the emergency vehicle is recognized, traffic control lights (signals) handle the priority request by switching to a green light in the direction where a fire-truck is approaching. When the emergency vehicle clears the intersection, the traffic lights (signals) return to normal operation.