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Water and Wastewater


Beware of High-Pressure Door-to-Door Sales Agents.

Residents are reminded that the Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga do not employ or authorize other companies to install backwater valves or sump pumps on their behalf.

Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program

The Region of Peel offers a Sanitary Backwater Valve rebate of $700 for eligible homeowners. Please review the eligibility information below and contact the Region of Peel to confirm your eligibility for this rebate program.

Experts predict intense rain storms will become more common in Ontario. Homeowners may be able to reduce the impact of increased rainfall and some types of basement flooding by installing a sanitary backwater valve on your sanitary sewer system.

Backwater valves can be an effective way to stop wastewater from backing up into your basement.  Installing these valves may not be appropriate for all homes, they must be installed properly and do need ongoing maintenance.

Before installing a sanitary backwater valve, the Region recommends you use the guidelines below to make the correct decision for your home. To properly determine if a sanitary backwater valve is right for your home may require a significant amount of your time.


You are eligible for the Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program if:

  • You have reported previous rain storm based basement flooding to the Region of Peel, can provide proof of a flood-related insurance claim or live within an area prone to flooding (according to Regional records). For proof of a flood-related insurance claim, a homeowner should ask their insurance company for an "Experience Letter" that lists the claim number, date of loss and type of event.
  • You have not received a subsidy from the Region of Peel through previous basement flooding remediation programs. 

The program requirements include:

  • Have all of your downspouts disconnected or have signed the Acknowledgement and Release in the application form
  • Apply for a building permit from the City of Brampton, Mississauga or the Town of Caledon
  • Ensure a 'normally open type' sanitary backwater valve is installed that adheres to the Ontario Building Code
  • Have your sanitary backwater valve inspected and your building permit signed by the municipal inspector
  • Submit a Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program application form and a Downspout Disconnection Rebate application form (if applicable)

Step-by-step guidelines to participate in the program

  1. Confirm eligibility by calling 905-791-7800, ext. 4409
  2. Assess whether a sanitary backwater valve is the correct choice for your home:
  3. Consider hiring a licensed plumber to investigate your home’s plumbing and assess your downspouts
    • Questions to ask the plumber during your home's plumbing assessment:
      • What connections are there to my sanitary sewer lines? Are all connections sanitary sewer connections or are there connections from weeping tiles, sump pumps or other sources of clear water? Are there any unknown connections? Ask the plumber to provide a drawing of all connections.
      • Are weeping tiles connected to the sanitary sewer pipe (lateral) downstream of the valve? (If yes, wastewater could be forced into the weeping tiles.)
      • Can the sanitary backwater valve be installed directly onto the sewer pipe (lateral)?
      • Are downspouts connected to weeping tiles?
      • Can all the downspouts be disconnected? Do eaves troughs and/or downspouts need to be rerouted in order to fully disconnect?
      • If not, do I need to install additional devices such as a sump pump and pit to prevent flooding?
      • Should the sanitary backwater valve be installed inside or directly outside the home? (as close to your foundation wall as possible)
      • Does the sanitary backwater valve recommended meet the Ontario Building code requirements (Section and be a 'normally open' type
  4. If a sanitary backwater valve can be installed at your home, first properly disconnect all downspouts on the property. If you cannot disconnect one or more downspouts, you need to sign the Acknowledgement and Release in the application form.
  5. Apply for a building permit from your municipality (Permit fees may apply)
  6. Install an approved sanitary backwater valve
    • The Region recommends using a licensed plumber for the installation but 'do-it-yourself' installations are eligible for a rebate if all other criteria are met.
    • The Region suggests you get three installation estimates. Typical sanitary backwater valve installations may range from $1600-$3500 for an average configuration. If your estimate comes in either above or below this range, you may want to ask your plumber for a detailed explanation.
  7. Once installed, have a building inspector from your municipality inspect and sign off on your building permit.  Ask the inspector to include the sanitary backwater valve model number on the permit.
  8. Complete the Sanitary Backwater Valve application form (PDF, 60KB) and the Downspout Disconnection application form (PDF,76KB) and submit them along with your signed building permit to:

    Sanitary Backwater Valve Subsidy Program
    2 Copper Road
    Brampton, ON L6T 4W5

    Please keep a copy for your records.

  9. Once your application has been received, the Region will do a visual assessment of the downspouts at your home.
  10. A cheque will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks following verification of your downspout disconnection on the property.

Making the sanitary backwater valve installation decision

It is important to be aware that a sanitary backwater valve is not a guarantee that flooding will not happen again. Installation is expensive and complex and will not address all types of basement flooding.  Even when installed correctly, there is the possibility you may flood your basement from water sources other than the sanitary sewer.  This is why having an in-depth investigation by a licensed plumber and educating yourself in advance is important.

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Revised: Tuesday November 05 2019


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