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Water and Wastewater

Source Water Protection

Protecting Our Source Water Together

Source protection is the first step in a multi-barrier approach to protecting our sources of drinking water from potential contamination or overuse (drinking water quality and quantity threats). Source protection involves identifying threats to drinking water sources, assessing the significance of each threat, taking action to reduce or eliminate the threat, and monitoring progress.

Why is Source Protection Important?

  • safeguards public health
  • ensures a sustainable supply for current and future generations
  • is a preventative and more cost effective means of protecting drinking water than treatment alone
  • to avoid the cost and need to clean up contaminated water
  • in rural areas where municipal tap water is not an option, source protection may be the only barrier they have against possible drinking water contamination

MECP Fact Sheet: Source Water Protection Messages (PDF)

Watch this video to learn more about the source water protection program:

What can you do to protect our drinking water sources?

Outlined below is a list of potential threats to drinking water sources if not properly managed or otherwise removed. Click on the links for suggested tips to help minimize or eliminate the risks.

Information for Residents and Businesses

Agricultural-Specific Information

Do you apply or store commercial fertilizer, agricultural/non-agricultural source material, or engaged in livestock grazing or confinement? (PDF)

Revised: Monday March 30 2020

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