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About Water Treatment in Peel

Lorne Park Water Treatment

The Region’s second facility - the Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant - has state of the art technology that uses two different processes to treat 500 million litres of water per day.

These steps include:

  1. Chlorination: Controls zebra mussels and provides primary disinfection.

    1. Conventional Treatment

      1. Coagulation: A chemical addition to help mix the organics and solids in the raw water.

      2. Flocculation: The configuration of the flocc tanks provide energy to disperse the coagulant and encourage flocc (solids) to form.

      3. Sedimentation: The speed of the water slows down enough in this stage to allow any flocc that has formed in the previous stage to settle out.

      4. Dual media filtration: Water is filtered by gravity through the filter to produce finished (clean) water.

    2. Membrane, UV and Granular Activated Carbon Contractor (GACC) Treatment

      1. Membrane Filtration: During this stage, small particles and microorganisms are removed through membrane fibres by ultra filtration.

      2. Ultraviolet (UV) Light: Filtered water passes through these units, which disinfect water by inactivating microorganisms. Along with hydrogen peroxide, these UV units are used for taste and odour control.

      3. GACC: Water is filtered by gravity through the carbon bed for peroxide quenching and additional taste and odour control.

  2. Chlorination and Fluoridation: Chlorine and fluoride are added at concentrations that comply with the Ontario drinking water legislation.

  3. Distribution: Water Distribution in Peel

Take a step-by-step look at the water treatment process


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