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About Tap Water in Peel

Testing your water

Peel tap water must conform to the Ontario Drinking-Water Quality Standards Regulation, of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

This means that Peel's drinking water must always meet strict quality standards.

These standards set requirements for all areas of the drinking water process:

  • Operations
  • Treatment
  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • Certification of staff

The Region of Peel collects and tests thousands of water samples throughout the treatment and distribution systems. The quality of water when it leaves the treatment facility must be maintained as it travels to your home. That is why water testing happens not only at the treatment plants but throughout the distribution system.

Testing is done to:

  • be aware of the quality of the source water
  • ensure the effectiveness of the treatment process
  • diligently monitor and protect the drinking water supply
  • ensure Peel drinking water is always of excellent quality and meets all regulatory requirements

Sampling and testing is performed by trained and certified operators who collect water samples throughout Peel. Staff do not leave bottles at the door requesting a sample of water for testing and does not employ or authorize other companies to collect water samples for testing of municipal tap water on the Region's behalf.

Water samples are sent only to labs accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.

The water samples are tested for contaminants like E. coli, and over 150 other health-related and aesthetic (taste, smell and colour) parameters. If any sample fails to meet the regulatory requirements, corrective action is immediately taken and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of the Environment are notified.


Each of Peel's drinking water systems undergoes an annual inspection by the Ministry of the Environment to ensure Peel meets the regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The inspection reviews Peel's:

  • Sampling, testing and disinfection requirements
  • Treatment standards
  • Operator training requirements
  • Water system integrity and security
  • Monitoring, reporting, and documentation

Annual water quality reports are produced each year to inform the public about the results of these tests. If you're interested in knowing about the water quality in your area, check out the water quality reports.

Lead in drinking water

In addition to standard water testing, Peel also tests tap water for lead. Lead testing occurs twice a year in residential homes and non-residential buildings, as well as at municipal hydrants.

The current federal and provincial maximum acceptable concentration is 10 parts per billion. Peel drinking water is well below the acceptable lead levels.

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