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Request emergency help with a sewer backup

A sewer backup happens when wastewater cannot drain away from a property due to an obstruction or a damaged section in the pipe.

Signs of sewer-related problem include:

We help Peel property owners, business owners, and tenants with sewer backups that are affecting properties.

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You’re eligible if you are a property owner, tenant, or business owner with signs of a sewer-related problem. Private complexes managed by property management companies are not eligible.

What you need

To help you, we’ll need access to your plumbing cleanout. Your plumbing cleanout is the last access point to your sewer drainage before it leaves the home.


The fee is $500 + HST. This fee will be applied to your wastewater bill.

If the backup is in a municipal-owned pipe, the service might be free.

How to request help

To request help with a sewer backup, call 905-791-7800.

Who to contact

If you have any questions or would like more details, call 905-791-7800.

More information

Plumbing cleanout

A plumbing cleanout is how your main sewage line is accessed. It is a solid 4” cap, flush to the floor, usually located at the front of the house in the basement.