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These updates are from 2019. Due to COVID-19, updates have been paused.

Regional Service Dashboard

We track the progress towards our outcomes for each of our services using a number of different metrics. You can view the metrics and/or success stories for any of the following services to learn more about the progress we are making.

Summary of our Progress

Adult Day

Supporting seniors who live on their own

Child Care

Helping low-income families pay for licensed child care

Chronic Disease Prevention

Reducing the risk of long-term chronic disease

Community Investment

Helping community groups deliver a wide range of services to residents

Early Growth and Development

Helping children achieve their intellectual, emotional and physical potential

Employment Support

Helping Ontario Works recipients find and keep jobs

Leading Government

Ensuring the Region of Peel is future-oriented and accountable

Heritage, Arts and Culture

Supporting engagement and understanding of our history and culture

Homelessness Support

Supporting residents who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness

Housing Support

Planning and managing affordable housing in Peel

Income Support

Helping Ontario Works recipients increase their income

Infectious Disease Prevention

Protecting the public from infectious diseases and outbreaks

Land Use Planning

Guiding the Region's development in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way

Long Term Care

Delivering quality care for residents with complex needs


Delivering quality pre-hospital care

Roads and Transportation

Providing safe, reliable and efficient movement throughout the Region


Providing transportation to residents with disabilities


Ensuring reliable, safe and environmentally responsible waste collection


Safely treating millions of litres of wastewater everyday

Water Supply

Providing safe, reliable and high quality drinking water

2018-2022 Term of Council Priorities

During this four-year Term of Council, the Region of Peel is focused on seven priorities. These include four Living priorities, two Thriving priorities and one Leading priority.


We want people's lives to be improved in their time of need.

  • Transform housing service delivery
  • Enhance supports for employment
  • Enhance seniors' supports and services
  • Advance community safety and well-being


We want communities that are integrated, safe and complete.

  • Expand community mobility
  • Build environmental resilience


We want government that is future oriented and accountable.

  • Improve service and confidence

More information on these Term of Council priorities can be found by visiting our Strategic Plan.
2014-2018 Term of Council priority progress is also available.

People of Peel

Our services impact the lives of residents every day – here are some of their stories.


"Paradise." That’s how Carmela and her daughter describe the Adult Day program.

Watch Carmela's story


TransHelp "didn’t just provide my mom with transportation, it gave her back her independence."

Watch Jean's story

Community paramedic clinics

Paramedics step out of their ambulances and into the community.

Watch the Paramedic story


When Theresa moved into the Peel senior’s building at Snelgrove she found a home and a friend.

Watch Theresa's story

View more stories

20–Year Outcomes Progress

We measure progress towards the long-term outcomes by tracking key indicators for the Peel community. Review reports to learn how Peel is currently measuring up across key indicators.

Areas of Focus


In the area of focus of Living, we want people's lives to be improved in their time of need.

By 2035, you will have...

  • access to services that meet your needs at all stages of life
  • affordable housing options
  • access to employment opportunities of your choice
  • access to culturally appropriate services
  • access to local, nutritious food sources
  • a responsibility to contribute to community well-being

View the Living reports


In the area of focus of Thriving, we want communities that are integrated, safe and complete.

By 2035, you will live in a community...

  • that is environmentally friendly
  • that promotes mobility, walkability, and various modes of transportation
  • that embraces diversity and inclusion
  • that promotes economic sustainability and future investments in Peel
  • where growth is well-managed
  • where the built environment promotes healthy living

View the Thriving reports


In the area of focus of Leading, we want government that is future oriented and accountable.

By 2035, you will trust that...

  • sustainability and long-term benefits to future generations are considered
  • the Region of Peel is a model and progressive employer
  • co-ordination and partnerships occur
  • a systematic approach to innovation is in place
  • community voice and participation are welcome
  • the Region of Peel is a well-managed government

View the Leading reports