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Eligible categories and in person assessments

We place all TransHelp passengers in one of 3 categories. We might ask you to attend an in-person or virtual assessment to help us decide your eligibility.

TransHelp eligibility categories

Temporary eligibility

Temporary eligibility means that:

Conditional eligibility

Conditional eligibility means that a disability or a barrier is stopping you from using conventional public transit only sometimes or during certain conditions.
For example, a person living with a physical disability might not be able to access a local bus stop during the winter months.

Unconditional eligibility

Unconditional eligibility means that:

Support persons

Regardless of your eligibility category, you may require a support person.

TransHelp provides door-to-door service.

This means that upon pick up, your driver will help you from the first accessible door to the vehicle. Upon drop off, your driver will help you from the vehicle through the first accessible door.

A support person is someone who needs to assist you during your travel.

You’ll need a support person to travel with you if you cannot:

You might be able to travel without a support person if you’re in a day program or a work placement at TransHelp approved locations.

When applying, you must demonstrate the need for a support person during travel.

If you are eligible to travel alone, you can request to remove the Mandatory Support Person designation on your file.

In some cases, having a support person will allow you to use conventional public transit. If this is the case, you may become ineligible for TransHelp.

Other information

This renewal form is available for current conditional TransHelp passengers who wish to renew their application.

You must complete the full application form if you:

  • Are not a current TransHelp passenger.
  • Are a temporary passenger.

We might ask you to attend an in-person or virtual assessment to help us decide your eligibility.

Assessments help us better understand the barriers that are stopping you from taking conventional public transit.

If we need an in-person or virtual assessment, we’ll call you.

Assessments can take up to one hour. When you come in for an in-person assessment, please bring the following with you:

  • Identification
  • Mobility devices you currently use
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Weather-appropriate clothing

Instructions are in English. If you’ll need someone to translate for you, bring someone with you who can speak on your behalf.

All assessments are completed by a licensed healthcare professional.

If your TransHelp application is denied, you can appeal the eligibility decision.

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