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Goods movement in Peel

We're working to more effectively transport goods within Peel.

Delivering products and materials on time is critical to Peel's economy. Goods movement is the movement of physical products and raw materials to businesses, consumers, and industries.

Whether by plane, train, or truck, goods movement is critical to Peel's economy and plays a significant role in our everyday lives.

Peel Region has long recognized the importance of goods movement to the local economy and our quality of life.

We've created a short-term, 5-year strategic plan for goods movement in Peel:
Goods Movement Strategic Plan (2017-2021).

A Goods Movement Long Term Plan that will guide the future of goods movement in Peel to 2041.

If you have a request or question, email the Peel Goods Movement Task Force.

How goods movement affects Peel

Peel is home to nearly 87,000 businesses of all sizes.

Goods movement affects economics, employment, and transportation in Peel Region.


$125 Million in property taxes were generated by goods movement business in 2013.


4 in every 9 jobs depend upon the movements of goods in Peel Region.


Every day, approximately 68,000 vehicles transport goods along Peel Region roads.

Other information

Goods movement can be as simple as buying a loaf of bread from a grocery store, purchasing a chain-link fence for your backyard, or ordering a gift online for your mother.

Example 1: Buying a loaf of bread

Step 1: The wheat travels by rail to a depot.
Step 2: From the depot, the wheat travels by truck to a bakery.
Step 3: The bakery uses the wheat to bake a loaf of bread.
Step 4: From the bakery, the bread travels by truck to a grocery store.

Example 2: Building a chain-link fence around your backyard

Step 1: A factory produces fence fabric.
Step 2: From the factory, the fence fabric travels by ship to a port.
Step 3: From the port, the fence fabric travels by train to a depot.
Step 4: From the depot, the fence fabric travels by truck to your home.

Example 3: Sending your mom a Mother’s Day gift overseas

Step 1: A warehouse in your country stores your mother’s gift.
Step 2: From the warehouse, the gift travels by truck to an airport.
Step 3: From the airport, the gift travels by plane to another airport.
Step 4: From the airport, the gift travels by truck to your mother’s house.