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Adopt-a-Road program

Volunteer to help keep Peel roads litter-free.

Keeping Peel’s Regional roadsides free of litter promotes a better environment and supports a healthy community.

The Adopt-a-Road program is a partnership between the Region of Peel and volunteer groups. The Region provides guidance and equipment for safe and effective litter cleanup, and volunteers pick up litter along a designated section of a road.

Businesses and organizations, community groups, individuals, and families can choose from a available urban or rural road sections in Peel.

If you have a question about volunteering or need further details on the program, email us.

We show our appreciation for Peel’s Adopt-a-Road participants with a 60 x 60 cm Adopt-a-Road sign.

This sign displays the adopter’s name and length of the adopted stretch of road. Advertising and social, political, or religious messaging are not allowed on the sign.

We place adopter signs at the beginning and end of the adopted roadway.

Use this map to check which areas are available for adoption in Peel.

The specific length of the roadway you adopt will vary depending on the location.

Roads available for adoption

Applying for the road you want to adopt

Choose a representative for your group, then fill out a volunteer application.

We will review the section of road you want to adopt.

Once we confirm the section is available, your representative will:

Terms and conditions

  • All participants in the group must watch the safety training video, review the safety information provided by the Region of Peel, and sign volunteer liability forms.
  • Volunteers in the Adopt-a-Road Program are not considered officers, employees, or agents of the Region of Peel.
  • Volunteers will be solely responsible for any injuries, claims, liabilities, suits, or costs resulting from their activities relating to this agreement.
  • Volunteers agree to follow the Region's guidelines and indemnify the Region for harm or loss.
  • Volunteers will not hold the Region responsible for any injuries or damages that they may cause or suffer as a result of participating in the Adopt-a-Road program.

Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older to participate. Group sizes can vary per cleanup.

To adopt a Peel Regional Road, a person, group, or organization must:

  • Be considered responsible by Peel Region.
  • Demonstrate, in good faith, a desire and ability to meet the Adopt-a-Road Program objectives within the boundaries of certain terms and conditions.

Group leaders must log in to the Region’s SharePoint website to record group numbers, hours, and location of garbage bags.

The activity level for volunteering is moderate.

Picking up litter requires bending and lifting. It also requires walking within the road right-of-way for the length of the road adoption section. A road section can have different types of terrain, such as a ditch slope or a level roadside.

Peel Region may refuse a Regional road adoption if, in its opinion, granting the adoption request:

  • Would jeopardize the program.
  • Would be counterproductive to the program’s purpose.
  • Might create a public safety hazard, or
  • Is in conflict with government or Regional policies.

Collecting litter is called “picking.” The days you spend picking litter are called “picking days.”

We provide:

  • The program coordination
  • Training
  • Supplies such as safety vests, trash bags, latex gloves, cones to mark hazards, and a training video

Preparing for your picking day

Your group representative must come to the nearest Public Works yard to pick up supplies before the pick starts.

Remember: safety first!

  • Ensure everyone has watched the training video and signed the liability forms.
  • Prepare for inclement weather and use sun protection.
  • Bring water to stay well hydrated and snacks for longer picks.
  • Wear comfortable safety shoes.

On your picking day

  • Meet at an agreed place and time.
  • Carpool to the site, if possible, to avoid too many vehicles being parked on the side of the road. 
  • Park in public parking areas if possible.
  • Mark sharps, hazardous materials, or suspicious debris with a safety cone, then tell our staff so we can remove the items safely.

Be alert, have fun, and enjoy the day and connection with others!

After the pick

  • We’ll collect your filled garbage bags at the end of the picking time. 
  • Your representative must return safety vests, signage, and any unused supplies to the yard.
  • Once your pick has been completed, we will visually confirm that your commitment has been met.