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Winter maintenance for commercial properties

When it comes to salting, more isn’t better.

Check the weather map

Stay prepared for the winter weather by using the Peel weather map.

Businesses are responsible for the safety of others on their properties, including preventing slips and falls. During winter months, using too much salt is worse than using the right amount. More is never better.

Oversalting can:

Alternatives to salting

During winter months, consider these alternatives to salting areas of your property:

Sustainable Winter Management Workshop

On September 14th, 2023, sustainability professionals, operations and property managers, and winter maintenance contractors came together to deliver a half-day workshop on sustainable winter maintenance. Access the materials presented.

Credit Valley Conservation

The following resources for businesses, property owners, and contractors are provided in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation and the Region of Peel.

snow plow

Contractor management and procurement

Build responsible salt use into your winter maintenance contractor relationships by:

Certification and training
Demonstrate your commitment to reduce environmental harm through proper snow and ice management.

Do-it-yourself quick wins
Get started now with these winter maintenance quick wins:

  • Create or update your winter maintenance plan by using the Region of Waterloo’s  winter maintenance worksheet.
  • Close off underused walkways and parking lots and alert staff and visitors with no winter maintenance signage.
  • Design your parking lot with winter maintenance in mind.

Promote winter safety at work
Keep staff, visitors, and others safe by:

Additional resources

Learn more about the impacts of road salt on the environment and what you can do to better manage snow and ice on your property.


Services and online information


  • In Winter, Let’s All Be Less Salty - Explains how using excessive amounts of road salt can seriously harm the ecosystem for freshwater wildlife like fish, turtles, and frogs and why we should all try to be less salty. (WWF)
  • Take Sustainability Outside – Shows how sustainable landscaping can help you reduce conventional property maintenance costs, decrease flood risk, offset carbon emissions, extend the longevity of infrastructure like parking lots and buildings, and increase employee and volunteer health and well-being. (CVC)
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Tools and templates

Certification and training