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Energy and water reporting and benchmarking

Energy and water reporting and benchmarking (EWRB) is a provincial regulation.

EWRB is designed to improve energy and water efficiency in large, privately-owned buildings.

Buildings affected by EWRB

EWRB applies to privately-owned buildings that are 50,000 ft2 or larger. If you own this type of building, you must report the building’s energy and water usage to the province every year.

The year you are required to begin reporting depends on the size of your property. You might not need to report right away. The deadline for submitting consumption information to the province is July 1st following the reporting year (for example, 2018 consumption information is due July 1, 2019).

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Getting your water consumption information

If your building meets EWRB criteria and is in Mississauga, Brampton, or Caledon, you must provide the amount of water the Region of Peel supplied to your building.

You can get this information by:

More information

If you need more help getting your water consumption information or to check the status of your consumption request, email

Other information

Check the Read Date column in the Consumption History section to see how many readings took place over the reporting year. If you are billed more often than every three months, you may need to check more than one bill’s consumption history to see all the reads for the reporting year. The Consumption History section does not specify whether the reading is Actual or Estimate. To get the Read Type (Actual or Estimate) and Consumption amount, look at the Current Bill section of each bill from the reporting year.

Find the Consumption History and Current Bill sections at the bottom of your bills.

If you would like your consumption information sent to you instead, send an email to with the following details to request your water usage for EWRB reporting purposes.

Information you will need to provide

  • EWRB ID – The Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines supplies this number to property owners. If you don’t have your EWRB ID, email the Ministry at or call 1-844-274-0689.
  • Letter of authorization – If the property is residential with fewer than 80 units, and you don’t own the property or you aren’t the customer on record, you must include a letter from the property owner authorizing you to receive water usage information for the property.
  • Property Address
  • Optional: You can provide the property’s MPAC Roll Number and the Region of Peel account number(s) or meter serial number(s) to assist in processing your request

Processing time for requests

We aim to process authorized requests within 10 business days of receipt of the request and getting the required readings. Please place your request early in the year to meet the July 1st reporting deadline.

We will need the first meter read of the year following the reporting period in order to provide your full year’s consumption. In some cases, a full year’s consumption will not be available until the April following the reporting year.

Watch for an Excel file in your inbox

We’ll provide your water usage information in an Excel file. We’ll email this file to the email address you provide.