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Water efficiency for industrial businesss

Water-saving opportunities for manufacturers and producers.

The most common water saving opportunities for industrial properties are replacing water cooled systems with air-cooled systems and removing once-through water use processes.

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Other information

Investing in water-reducing measures can help businesses save thousands of dollars.

These businesses reduced their water use that resulted in cost savings. (Note: all values are rounded and ROI is based on the year’s rates when changes were implemented).

FCA Canada Inc.

Annual water-cost savings: $86,000

In 2017, the FCA Canada Inc. Brampton Assembly Plant (now Stellantis Canada) invested $26,000 for a strainer replacement.

This investment resulted in 107,400 L of water saved per day with an ROI of only 4 months.

NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd.

Annual water-cost savings: $136,000

In 2019, NTN Bearing Corporation invested $46,000 for a re-purposed chiller.

This investment resulted in 143,000 L of water saved per day with an ROI of only 4 months.

Super-Pufft Snacks Corporation

Annual water-cost savings: $307,000

In 2019, Super-Pufft Snacks Corporation invested $49,000 for a wash water reduction.

This investment resulted in 427,000 L of water saved per day with an ROI of only 2 months.

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