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Non-potable requests for brownfield development

Where to send notice of intention has changed

A brownfield is an industrial or commercial property that is – or could be – contaminated. Common brownfields are former factories, gas stations, dry cleaners, and land where a chemical spill took place.

A brownfield might need to be cleaned up before it can be redeveloped.

Ontario Ministry non-potable site condition standards

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MECP) has developed non-potable site condition standards for brownfield redevelopment.

These standards are for properties where a municipal supply of drinking water is available and there are no wells in the area. Submitting a request ensures that applying non-potable site condition standards will not put local water supplies at risk.

Sending notice of intention for brownfield redevelopment

When a brownfield is being redeveloped for a more sensitive use, such as residential development, the property owner must, under Ontario Regulation 153/04, notify regional municipalities of their intent to use non-potable site condition standards.

In keeping with O.Reg. 407/19 (Amending O.Reg. 153/04) s.13, as of July 1, 2020, the type of municipality to send notice of intention to apply the non-potable groundwater site conditions standards has been revised:

How to submit a non-potable request to the Region of Peel

The following content provides instructions for submitting a non-potable request to the Region of Peel:

  1. Complete the Site Screening Questionnaire for Non-Potable Requests Submitted to The Regional Municipality of Peel.
  2. Email the submission letter and the completed Site Screening Questionnaire to
  3. The Region of Peel will quickly respond to the applicant to notify them of the 30-day deadline.The 30-day period will commence from the date on the written notice.