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Rebate application deadline

Deadline to submit applications for the equipment replacement program is December 31, 2020. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Indoor Water Assessments

The Indoor Water Assessment Program is aimed at identifying areas of potential average daily water savings that may be achieved through a permanent process.

Parmalat Canada (1 page, 476 KB) made permanent process changes to capture steam and divert cooling water of other uses within their plant.

Payback period was 2.7 months. Parmalat received an incentive of $17,825 and now save $87,000 annually. See all case studies.


By participating in the Water Assessment Programs, you can:

  • Get a report of your water-saving potential.
  • Get a rebate to help pay for recommended process changes or equipment upgrades.
  • Reduce your indoor water use and lower future water bills.
  • Reduce your gas consumption and lower your gas bills (if the water is heated).
  • Improve your company’s environmental and social image

How to Apply

Any eligible Peel-based industrial, commercial or institutional facility interested in participating should fill out a screening questionnaire or call us at 905-791-7800 ext. 4409.


To be eligible for the Region’s Water Assessment Program, your facility must be:

  • located in Peel.
  • part of an industrial, commercial, or institutional (ICI) sector (i.e., a manufacturing facility, retail establishment, school, hotel, restaurant or municipal building).
  • “in compliance” (12 continuous months with no violations) with Peel’s Wastewater Bylaw (53-2010) (38 pages, 103 KB) (formerly known as the Sewer Use bylaw).
  • “in good standing” with the Region of Peel (e.g., all Region of Peel invoices must be paid in full with no outstanding balances.)

What is involved in an Assessment

The Water Assessment Process begins with a free water assessment, measuring your business’ current indoor water use to pinpoint ways you can save water.

Step 1: Fill out a screening questionnaire or call us at 905-791-7800 ext. 4409 to start the process.

Step 2: We conduct a walk through of your facility to determine areas of potential water savings that could result from a permanent process change.

Step 3: We verify your current water use with a flow meter and generate a report identifying

  • How much water you’re using now.
  • Recommended equipment/process changes for your company.
  • The average volume of water you’ll save by making permanent process changes.

Step 4: Your company completes the recommended process changes and water-saving improvements.

Step 5: We confirm your water savings with the same flow meter. Also we calculate your monetary incentive and process your company’s rebate.

Revised: Wednesday February 24 2021

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