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  1. Replace old toilets with water efficient models that flush with 4.8 litres or less.

  2. The average 15 minute shower uses 300 litres of water.

  3. A faucet that drips once per second will waste about 10,000 litres of water in a year.

  4. Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater to water your gardens.

  5. The Great Lakes provide drinking water to 8.5 million Canadians.

  6. The Region of Peel treats approximately 175 billion litres of water every year.

  7. Peel's tap water is safe to drink. It is tested for over 150 parameters.

  8. Canada is the second largest consumer of water in the world.

  9. Toilets use about 30% of all household water.

  10. Save water by running your dishwasher only when full.

  11. The residential toilet replacement program end Sept. 1, 2013

Revised: Tuesday July 21 2020

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