Who We Are

The Children's Services Operations and Service System Management are part of the Region of Peel's Human Services department. Other divisions in the department are Ontario Works, Social Housing, Peel Living and Integrated Business Support.

What We Do

We lead, plan and manage a Region-wide early learning and child care system that provides families and children with access to a range of family-centred, co-ordinated services.

Service System Management Division:

Children's Services Operations Division:

  • Provides community programs and workshops
    • Emergency management

Our Values


  • Are committed to providing high-quality, inclusive early learning and child care to support families in the Region of Peel.
  • Value the diversity of Peel Region and believe that supports and services must be offered in an inclusive and culturally sensitive manner.
  • Believe children have a right to a caring and intellectually stimulating environment which enhances their quality of life.
  • Encourage informed participation by parents/legal guardians in making decisions regarding their child's development and wellbeing.
  • Believe that an important part of our service is performed in collaboration with community partners who care for, teach and protect children.
  • Believe that our experience and the competence of our employees are our most valuable resources; therefore, we are committed to promoting a continuous learning environments.
  • Believe we must manage our resources in a customer focused, cost-effective way in order to continuously improve service.
  • Believe that children have the right to live and be cared for in an environment of positive behaviour guidance which ensures freedom from violence and from physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

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