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Le Comité francophone familles de Peel
Formally Comité directeur francophone de Peel (The Peel Francophone Steering Committee), was established in 2007. The Region of Peel, Human Services and Public Health works in partnership with other government agencies and non-profit agencies to support the following vision:
"In Peel Region, all Francophone children, youth and families thrive supported by a system of integrated services in French that take account of cultural diversity and promote identity building".
This is done through the coordinated efforts of committee members and in collaboration with community agencies and French language services available to Francophone children, youth and families in Peel to:

  • Raise awareness of the diverse needs of the Francophone community
  • Identify and address the gaps
  • Improve capacity and delivery of current services
  • Increase the number and quality of services.  

Committee membership of le comité francophone familles de Peel includes:

  • Both the Catholic and Public French Language School Boards
  • French Language child care providers
  • Government agencies 
  • French language community service providers
  • Community service providers that provide French language programs

In 2012 Le comité francophone familles de Peel joined forces with La Table de concertation de Peel-Dufferin-Halton to minimize duplication and strengthen partnerships. This Network of Francophone organizations in Peel, Halton and Dufferin was formed in April 2011. Its mandate is to enable partnerships to ensure the fulfillment of the francophone community in the region. It facilitates communication and strengthens collaboration among agencies serving Francophones in the Region of Peel and surrounding areas. It promotes French language services offered therein.

The network has four sub-committees:

  • Le comité francophone familles de Peel
  • Immigration
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Health 

In 2013, it brings together more than thirty organizations.

One of the main activities of Le comité francophone familles de Peel is organizing an annual cultural event, Le lien français.

Le lien français is a French language cultural event that creates awareness among residents about the Francophone Community in Peel and celebrates the diversity by showcasing local and international Francophone talent. It also connects families to French Language Services available in the Region.



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