St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place

"You can sort socks and still be learning pre-math, or teach colours with different kinds of apples at the grocery store”  Early Childhood Educator, Region of Peel, Children’s Services.

“I like the social aspect of my children interacting with other children of their age” Parent, St. John Fisher School

“Informal social networks among families with young children can become valuable resources that promote children’s health and well-being”
McCain & Mustard, 1999; Weiss et al, 2006

“…Early brain development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and health.”
J. Fraser Mustard. 2006

“…St. John Fisher is exactly the kind of community-based hub touted in 1999’s groundbreaking Early Years Study” by Dr. Fraser Mustard and Margaret Norrie McCain.
(reference Toronto Star, April 2007)

St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place offers a free drop-in program for parents/caregivers and their children, from birth to six years of age.

A variety of family-centred programs and activities help to prepare children for school. The centre has a welcoming family-focused learning environment. Programs run from Monday to Friday for 20 hours each week. The daily hours vary according to the needs of the community.

Everything is geared to make families feel comfortable. The centre promotes play-based learning for children and provides a healthy snack daily. Parenting resources and referrals are provided to help identify early learning or behavioural concerns.

Drop-in Learning Time

Program facilitators from Brampton Neighbourhood Resource Centre and Malton Neighbourhood Services work together to help children and their families build essential literacy and numeracy skills through stories, music, reading and playing. Families come together to sing songs, tell stories, nursery rhymes and chants. This allows families the opportunity to participate in their children’s learning.

Roots of Reading

Reading to a child promotes a life-long love of reading and learning, and strengthens relationships within the family. Organized by the Brampton Library, the Roots of Reading program ensures books are available in different languages, so parents can read to their children in their first language.

Connecting to the Community

The program links all members of the family with appropriate referrals to community resources for special needs, health issues, housing, employment and much more.

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Ask a Public Health Nurse

A Region of Peel Public Health nurse can answer questions on various health-related topics including feeding, nutrition and discipline.

Pre-school Consultation

Parents/caregivers can make an appointment to discuss any behavioural and/or developmental concerns with our pre-school consultant from Peel Children’s Centre. 

Halton-Peel Preschool Speech and Language Services offers appointments with a speech language pathologist 2 – 3 times a month.

Helping the Whole Family

This program provides opportunities for parents to build on their parenting skills through a variety of workshops with free child care. Attending the program gives parents, caregivers and children the chance to spend time with other families, and helps them to become familiar and feel comfortable with school staff and school routines.

This unique program is an example of partnerships between Peel’s regional government, the school board, library, church and various community agencies. Each organization brings their expertise to develop inclusive and accessible programs and services that encourage and support parents/caregivers with children aged birth to six years by promoting healthy early development and school readiness. When paired with trained staff, children, parents and the wider community all benefit.

For more information:

  • Phone 905-793-8900
  • Visit the St. John Fisher website
  • Drop by and pick up a monthly calendar of programs and activities at:

    St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place
    St. John Fisher School
    330 Balmoral Dr.
    Brampton ON  L6T 1V6

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Time: Monday – Friday, for 20 hours each week
(Timings vary according to community needs)

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