Listen to a Children's Story

Let's use technology to support Literacy! In support of literacy we encourage you to click onto a story to watch and listen to stories being read along with your child.

What are the benefits of children hearing stories?

  • Stimulates the imagination
  • Instils love of language in children and motivates them to read
  • Improves listening skills
  • Improves many language skills, such as vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and story recall
  • Encourages creative writing
  • Accustoms children to catch words and phrases that are found in tales
  • Stimulates emotional development
  • Creates awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  • Provides children with a frame of reference for literature and cultures that they will encounter in life

We encourage you to keep up the technology search and find more stories that are appropriate for your child's age group and based on their interests. ‘Surfing' for a story with your child can come in handy when you are waiting (for a doctor's appointment, waiting for the bus or on a journey) along with an adult's supervision.

October – Listen to a Children’s Story


  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake (2:13 minutes)
    By Laura Numeroff
    Age: 0 - 5 years

    “If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want syrup to go with it”. This book talks about the series of things that happened when a little girl gave a pig a pancake. Each time she gives the pig something new another thing gets added that she will have to give her pig friend.

  • Children Make Terrible Pets (4:41 minutes)
    By Peter Brown
    Age: 3 - 6 years

    The story is about when a bear named Lucy finds a little boy in the woods and makes him her pet. When Lucy brings the boy home and asks her mother if she can keep him her mothers tells her “Children make terrible pets” but allows her to keep him if she promises to take full responsibility. Throughout the story Lucy enjoys most of the time with her new pet she names “Critter” but its not all fun and games Lucy quickly realizes.

  • Cosmo The Boat Cat (6:32 minutes)
    By Sherry Tewell
    Age: 4 - 6 years old

    This magical bedtime story is about Cosmo the Cat, who like all self-respecting cats does not like getting wet. Imagine his horror when is person-friend Melody tells him they are going to move from dry land to a house boat - on the water!

    Follow the adventures of Cosmo as he learns about conquering his fears while he makes new friends and explores the fragile environment of the coral reef.

    Along the way Cosmo meets a family of dolphins, a wise old turtle, a manatee, a heron, a mermaid and an eagle ray. If you turn on closed captioning, you can read along with your child the story of Cosmo the Boat Cat


  • Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (5:27 minutes)
    By Dr.Seuss
    Age 2 - 5yrs

    This book is about all the “Thinks you can think.” Follow the Cat in the Hat as he ventures through the book and explores all the possible things you can think of. “There are so many things that a thinker can think”. The possibilities are endless in the thoughts you could think.


  • La oruga muy hambrienta (2:32 minutes)
    By Eric Carle
    Age: 4 - 6 yrs

    A green baby caterpillar hatches from an egg, and from birth he experiences a humongous and perpetual craving for food. He consumes enormous quantities of many types of foods until inadvertently nauseating himself, so he spins a cocoon in which he remains for the following two weeks

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