The Annual Review - Maintaining Your Eligibility for a Child Care Fee Subsidy

When you are receiving child care fee subsidy your file will be assessed at least once every 12 months. This assessment is called the Annual Review.

As part of the annual review you (and your spouse if applicable) are required to

  • provide your current Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Benefit Notice
    (or Re-Assessment), and
  • confirm your circumstances including your reason for child care.

When your annual review is due you will receive a letter in the mail to inform you:

  • Your annual review is due
  • What information you need to submit to the local office for your eligibility to be re-assessed, and
  • The due date to submit the required information

Failure to submit the required information by the due date may result in your child care fee subsidy being terminated.

Here is a sample of the Annual Review Letter.

Changes in your circumstances must be reported throughout the year within two (2) weeks of a change happening. If you have a change in your circumstances do not wait until your annual review is due. Failure to report a change in your circumstances can affect your eligibility to receive child care fee subsidy and may result in an overpayment that you will have to repay to the Region. Examples of changes include, but are not limited to getting married, changing jobs, moving, etc. See Changes in Your Circumstances for more information.

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