Milestones for Preschoolers

Hey everybody! I’m a preschooler. Look what I can do!

We have put together this guide to show what skills your preschooler will develop at different ages. Your child may learn these skills months before or after the given age and be perfectly normal.

When I am 30 – 36 months old, I can:

  • Name many familiar things
  • Tell you who and what is on a picture.
  • Show how many is two with my fingers.
  • Pour water from a small pitcher.
  • Know and stay away from familiar dangers when reminded.
  • Name six body parts in a picture.
  • Understand what is big and what is little, what is long and what is short.
  • Help my teacher tell a story.
  • Match familiar things to their outlines when shown how.
  • Sing easy songs, rhymes and play with my fingers.
  • Give my full name when people ask me to.
  • Repeat after my teacher when she counts.
  • Pedal a tricycle and other small riding toys.
  • Sort things of different colours and shapes when my teacher shows me how.

When I am 36 – 42 months old, I can:

  • Share toys and things with my friends and take turns when we play.
  • Say short sentences.
  • Tell you what I am doing when you ask me.
  • Put on and take off my clothes.
  • Help my teacher tell a story.
  • Climb upstairs.
  • Use words that tell where things are:  up, down, in and out.
  • Complete an easy five-to-ten piece puzzle.
  • Tell you about things I have done.
  • Talk about my drawings.

When I am 42 – 48 months old, I can:

  • Participate in a small-group time.
  • Talk to friends when I play.
  • Point to colour or shape.
  • Tell you which things are big and which are small, which things are long and which are short.
  • Tell you which ball is bigger and which stick is longer.
  • Play with building blocks.
  • Do a somersault.
  • Tell you the reason why I’m doing something.
  • Sort things by colours and shape.
  • Name two or three colours and shapes.
  • Put things in order.
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