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Regional Municipality of Peel 2008 Budget Document

Reports | 2008 Budget | Current & Capital Budget Executive Summary
Reports to Council | 2008 Budget Document


The agenda for the General Committee meeting of December 6, 2007 includes several reports related to the 2008 budget. Two of the key reports are summarized below.

2008 Budget

This report recommends to Council the proposed financial requirements of the 2008 Current and Capital Budget, which includes the Net Tax Levy Apportionment and By-law, the One Year Capital Request and the 10 Year Capital Plan. Included in the discussion of the report are the 2008 Business Planning Process, the Budget Document Layout and the User Fees and Charges.

Current & Capital Budget Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides Council with a high level overview of the requirements for both the Current and Capital Budgets for 2008. The detail included in this summary is the Key Program Drivers, the Staffing Requirements, the 2008 Capital Budget and the 10 Year Capital Plan highlights and some of the pressures that are not included in the 2008 Budget. Attached to this document are five summaries with details on the following topics: 2008 Current Budget, 2008 Capital Budget, 2008-2017 Capital Forecast, Staffing Information, Proposed User Fees, and Proposed 2008 Water Consumption and Waste Management Fees and Charges.

Reports to Council

2008 Budget Document

The 2008 Budget Document includes an Executive Summary followed by an integrated Current and Capital Budget story for each Regional program. The commentary in each program highlights the additional cost required to provide the 2007 level of service in 2008 due to inflation, cost of living and annualization of previous Council decisions. It also identifies the cost of new pressures in 2008 related to growth and service demands. The section on Capital has been enhanced to include a listing of existing capital works in addition to the new capital being requested for 2008. Included in each program document is a service contract which sets out the resources required to deliver the 2008 budget as well as the expected outputs and outcomes Council may expect to see in exchange for these resources.

Included in the Budget Document is the 2008 Budget Document Guidelines designed to assist the reader navigate the budget document and provide some detail on the information that has been presented.

The complete Budget Document is presented below.

Reports | 2008 Budget | Current & Capital Budget Executive Summary
Reports to Council | 2008 Budget Document

Revised: Thursday December 06 2007


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