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A Message from the Chair and Chief Administrative Officer

On behalf of Peel Regional Council, the Executive Management Team and Regional employees, we are pleased to present the 2006 Annual Financial Report. This Report is an overview of our collective efforts to provide residents of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga with efficient and effective municipal programs and services.

The accomplishments highlighted in this Report are a reflection of the strong character and organizational culture that have been cultivated over the 30-plus years the Region of Peel has existed; and over the past three years, our Strategic Plan, Fast Forward Peel: Building a Strong Community Together, has guided our goals, policies and objectives.

As we move forward in providing Peel residents with top-notch municipal programs and services, we draw from our strong foundation. In 2006, the Region of Peel became the first government to achieve the Canada Award for Excellence (CAE) Gold Trophy from the National Quality Institute (NQI). The prestigious CAE is the highest level of recognition awarded by NQI to organizations that have successfully maintained a focus on organizational excellence, quality and continuous improvement.

To achieve this status of excellence, the Region of Peel’s approach to leadership, planning, customer service, employee satisfaction, process management and partnership were examined by NQI. The rigorous four-level certification process of NQI’s Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) leads to eligibility for the CAE. November 2006 welcomed a new Term of Council – which, for the first time, has been extended from three to four years – and we look forward to working closely with our newly elected officials to engage our communities. As we do this, we are also renewing our commitment to residents through a revitalized Strategic Plan and an organizational realignment, which aims to inspire trust and confidence in those we serve.

The organizational realignment is the first major restructuring of the organization since the Region was formed in 1974. We have created departments where there are natural linkages between services, providing more opportunities for collaboration and co-ordination of services. The new structure will enhance our ability to meet current and future service demands.

On our path of continuous improvement, we will build on our service excellence and continue to provide the value and quality in service delivery that our residents have come to expect, while striving to maintain our debt-free standing along the way.

Revised: Friday August 13 2010


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