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Over the next few years, Ontario’s energy sector is going to see some important changes. The plan is to move the province’s energy industry toward an open and competitive market based system. Essentially, this means that the wholesale price for energy sources like natural gas and electricity will be set by the market's supply and demand. And if you've been watching the rollercoaster prices at the local gas pump, you'll know that these prices can change every hour!

The Region of Peel has taken a positive step to avoid the financial risks associated with fluctuating energy prices by creating Energy Management. Energy Management's services are geared toward ensuring sustainable energy costs for Regionally owned and leased facilities. Already, Energy Management has used innovative practices that have helped the Region of Peel save energy, save money and build a healthier, greener environment.

To learn more about the pricing structure for electricity in Ontario, visit the Independent Electricity System Operator.

Revised: Wednesday July 15 2009


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