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revised January 14, 2010
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Glossary of Retail Food Safety Terms

Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness, also known as food poisoning, results from eating food or drinking beverages contaminated with bacteria (or their toxins), parasites or viruses. Salmonella and E.coli are two common forms of bacteria that cause foodborne illness.


The word infraction means that an eating and drinking establishment failed to meet the minimum requirements or standards outlined in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation. Infraction is often used interchangeably with violation or contravention.

Ontario Food Premises Regulation

The Ontario Food Premises Regulation outlines the minimum food safety standards that all operators in Ontario must meet.

Peel Health Inspection Summary

The Inspection Summary is the original colour sign issued by a Public Health Inspector to a retail food business establishment.

Public Health Inspector

Public Health Inspectors are trained professionals who evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards in public places. They ensure compliance with government regulations regarding food safety, sanitation, and other environmental health issues.

Retail Food Business Establishment

A retail food business establishment:

  • sells or offers food for sale to the public, or
  • prepares meals or meal portions for immediate consumption, or
  • sells or serves food in a form that will permit immediate consumption on the premises by the public

Retail food business establishments do not include private residences, dwellings, hot dog carts, catering or mobile preparation vehicles, farmers' markets, farm gates, or other similar travelling food establishments.

Types of Food Establishments

The following categories of food establishments are inspected by Peel Health for compliance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation:

  • General Food Service establishments
  • Institutional Food Service establishments
  • Mobile Food Service
  • Child Nourishment Programs


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- Glossary

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Revised: January 14, 2010


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