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School Health Reference Guide


The Region of Peel School Health Reference Guide is a supplementary resource to relevant Peel and Dufferin-Peel school board policies. Refer to school board policy first if you have questions or concerns.

Childhood Diseases and Illnesses

  • Gonorrhea (gon-or-ree-a) is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacteria.
  • You may or may not have symptoms. Even if you have no symptoms, gonorrhea can be spread from one person to another during oral, vaginal or anal sex or through sharing of sex toys.
  • If you do have symptoms, they could include:
  • Men:
    • discharge from penis
    • burning/itching around tip of penis
    • pain or burning when urinating (“peeing”)
    • painful or swollen testicles
    • rectal pain
  • Women:
    • increased or unusual vaginal discharge
    • pain or burning when urinating (“peeing”)
    • pain or bleeding during sex
    • bleeding after sex
    • bleeding between menstrual periods
    • pain in the lower abdomen
    • rectal pain
  • If a pregnant woman has gonorrhea the STI can be passed to the baby during delivery and may lead to complications such as eye or lung infections.
  • Gonorrhea is treatable with a dose of two different antibiotics.
  • It is important that all sexual contacts be tested and treated, whether they have symptoms or not.
Instructions for Schools
Resources and Related Links:
For more information on communicable disease resources and programs,
call Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700.(In Caledon, call 905-584-2216.)


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Revised: Friday January 08 2016