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  • For each data source, information about data collection and analytical methods, limitations, the citation and additional resources can be found on the Data Sources and Methods page.

What are Peel Public Health's Data Zones?

Peel Health Data Zones are defined geographic areas within Peel that are smaller than the municipality level. Based on 2006 Census data, Peel Health Data Zone populations range from 22,719 to 106,064 people.

Peel Health Data Zones use Census Tracts as the building blocks, and where possible, respect natural and human-made boundaries such as rivers, highways and municipal boundaries (i.e. Peel Health Data Zones are entirely within municipalities).

Why do we have Peel Public Health Data Zones?

Peel Health Data Zones arose out of a need for data at small areas of geography to aid with planning programs and services that will in turn work towards improving public health outcomes.

How were the data zones defined?

In late 2009, Dr. Bruce Newbold, Director, McMaster Institute of Environment & Health, and Professor, School of Geography and Earth Sciences, worked with graduate students to develop a statistical method to determine the Peel Health Data Zone boundaries. In doing so, several approaches were considered and explored. The methods used 2006 Census data while exploring different combinations of socio-demographic indicators. The aim was to maximize homogeneity (similarities) within data zones and heterogeneity (differences) between data zones.
In total, there are 15 data zones in Peel (see below map).

Peel Data Zones and Major Roads

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