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A resource to start the conversation
about drug use and abuse.
Advice for Parents

.::: Talking to Kids Aged 9-14

Kids aged 9-14 are often:

  • Developing stronger relationships with friends.
  • Sorting out what they are and aren't okay with.
  • Finding out where they're most comfortable.
  • Pre-occupied with changes and uncertainties.

Kids this age also start to lose interest in doing things with the family, just when they need accurate information the most.

Encourage and guide them by:

  • Praising their ability to think for themselves and make decisions.
  • Being clear on your families' boundaries, limits and consequences.
  • Enforcing consequences (even when it's hard to do).
  • Being firm and consistent in your beliefs about drug use and underage drinking.
  • Explaining the difference between drinking in moderation and abusing alcohol. Make sure your child knows that many people drink alcohol socially and don't get into trouble. But abusing alcohol drinking a lot at once or over time is dangerous and can lead to many problems.


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Revised: April 22, 2016


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